After baby

 I was in the hospital for a couple days and then the we finally got to go home, being my first I was so excited to finally be home and get to use all of things that I had set up forever now I finally would get to use them the wipe warmer, the changing table, his little bathtub it was all so cute even had little bath toys even though he couldn’t play with them yet. 

I never realized how much babies slept when they were born, that’s all he wanted to do was sleep I had to wake him up to feed him and during the day for a little while so of course he could have his tummy time and be up a little during the day, I knew immediately this is what I was meant to be a mother, I loved every minute of it. 

Of course then my dad wanted to see him every afternoon and I mean every afternoon which would also be the time his dad would get off work and make it over to see Nathaniel so of course that didn’t last very long the two of them already didn’t like each other but then to have share there time they had to spend with him and neither wanted to budge and come a little earlier or later than the other needless to say Nathaniel’s dad ended up winning that debate because he is his dad and he has two other children with his wife that he had to get home to, so coming by later would be difficult.


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