The heat of Texas!

The blistering heat of Texas was here, I cannot stand the Texas heat I grew up here and even at my age I still had not gotten used to the heat, I swear it gets hotter every year.

I was still working at the same place, My dad was still watching Nathaniel when I worked even on the weekend even though Nathaniel’s Dad was off he would normally go to his mom’s house and because me and Nathaniel’s dad were not married at the time, due to the fact that he was already married.

Nathaniel’s dads mother didn’t treat him or accept him like she did his sister’s and I hated the idea of Nathaniel being treated unfairly especially since there would be nothing I could do about it, so my dad would watch him, my dad loved watching him regardless of the situation he was his first Grandson and he was always welcome and loved by everyone.

Anyway his sisters would stay with there dad if they weren’t with there mom. Nathaniel had just turned 1 and within a couple months had started walking he was so excited he was always such a happy baby.