Tying The Knot

When Nathaniel was 3 we finally decided to tie the knot and I decided that we would do it in 3 months needless to say not everyone agreed at the time, but they were excited that we were finally tying the knot.

So I planned everything of course being that I do have a professional license in wedding planning like for real. Still have yet to use it other than to plan my own wedding but it is something I enjoy doing planning events parties, weddings, ect, anyway so my colors were Ivory, Lavender and a pastel pink, yes I had 3 colors couldn’t help it everything has to be different and extra.

So of course my whole family was involved everyone had a part, I had chosen a pastel pink for my bridesmaids and the guys wore suits with Lavender bow ties and of course I wore Ivory.

The guys were easy but finding two dresses that both of my sisters looked good in and agreed upon was going to be a chore but I we did find some beautiful pastel pink dresses they were my bridesmaids of course.

My Stepdaughters were going to be my flower girls and we were able to find two really cute fluffy pink dresses that they both liked as well. My mom was my matron of honor, I felt she needed to have a special place in my special day she had chosen a rose colored dress that was beautiful up against my sisters pastel pink and of course my handsome son was going to be the cutest ring bearer in the world. Lol!