The time had finally come, my mom was picking me up for an appointment that morning not knowing this would be last appt. So when I got to my appointment my doctor proceeded to tell me that I was 4 to 5 centimeters dilated and that I was going to be having my baby today at 35wks.

I was a little worried but my doctor told me everything should be fine he was already at 7pds so no worries about low birth weight. Well things didn’t go quite that easily, I didn’t want an epidural because of the whole needle in my back thing, I actually didn’t want anything to begin with but after the initial shock of the contractions I quickly changed my mind and got the medication they give you just for the contractions so finally I gave birth at 10:00pm that night, his father wasn’t able to be there because he had his two daughters, his wife was at work. 

So I shooed everyone out of the room, if he wasn’t going to be there than no one was I was going to have him on my own. Next time definitely getting an epidural I thought after he was born, I was so weak from not being able to eat I hadn’t ate anything all day except for some ice chips, they ended up using a vacuum to get him out and then I tore a bunch it was horrible, but its true as soon as there born you forget everything, those beautiful baby blue eyes, he had lots of dark hair that quickly fell out and he was healthy.


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