Relationship advice from your parents

 Parents will always have an opinion about our relationships as well as everyone else they talk to, and at first everyone loved him, but after some time they started to question some things like about the baby, What grown man wants to adopt a baby and raise her by himself and of course I defended him and would tell them exactly what he had told me and that’s all there was to it.

 Then one night my Grandparents saw him with another woman at Walmart and they were shopping like were together well according to my Grandparents who claimed they were basically making out and groping each other while they were walking out of Walmart, and of course they couldn’t wait to tell me, so they called my dad immediately.

 Of course, I was crying thinking the worst he had cheated on me, when they got to the house my Grandmother came right in to make sure only that I understood that she had been right, I told you and what did you say? ok, ok Grandma, Anyway of course he then called me to defend himself and told me that the baby was actually his former girlfriend’s.

 He had only went to help her buy some diapers and  wanted to spend some time with his daughter, and I am thinking, aww that’s sweet he just wanted to spend time with his daughter, ok I understand, why didn’t he just tell me that. So I went along with his story and continued to believe him, while my parents continued to argue with me about it night after night, so one morning  I just couldn’t take it anymore and ran away.