I was exhausted

So the next couple of weeks were crazy, my boyfriend had made arrangements with the girl’s mom to have them in the mornings when he would go to work and when she was off. So that meant every morning she would meet him in the parking lot of our apartments to get the girls and most mornings went ok but other times they were fighting over silly stuff, once he took her phone and started running around the parking lot, I was like come on you guys. I was still working at the same place and I hated it by the way, at the time in my life I hated sitting behind a computer screen I wanted to be able to walk around and do something I would be falling asleep half the time.

I had been getting up a little earlier than everyone else so I could go for a walk I was still trying to loose the baby weight from Nathaniel, which caused frequent arguments between me and my boyfriend he constantly thought I was cheating even at 4:00 in the morning in sweaty gym clothes and I would tell him if I was going to someones house I wouldn’t be going looking like this and at 4:00 in the morning if I didn’t have to get up that early I wouldn’t be, I needed my sleep I was exhausted I didn’t go to bed until nearly midnight every night and would get up around 3:30 to go walking needles to say that didn’t last long. I was thankful when the girls mom reappeared because that meant I could give more of my attention to Nathaniel which was the youngest and when I had all three of them it was a handful so I was glad to have a little break.

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