Everyday was wonderful, I slept when the baby slept, the lady I was staying with wanted to help me with everything and just wanted me to relax, she would say, ” she didn’t have anyone to help her so she didn’t get to enjoy her babies as much as she would have liked since she had to do all of the cleaning and cooking.” I would say,Thank you but don’t do everything, then I won’t have anything to do, she was a blessing though. 

Nathaniel’s father was only giving me $30 a week every Friday, he would also go buy whatever he needed though as well and plenty of disposable cameras so I could take lots of pictures, Yes he was still with his wife and yes we were still sleeping together, I know bad, bad girl I was, in my defense I did offer him a way out several times which he declined.

 Anyway, I soon discovered that having a baby wasn’t always rainbows and puppy dog tails, it was work to like the kinda work you had to do to make money, a job, I had never had a job, I was just barely 19 I had went to college briefly for music and that ended up being harder than I thought it was going to be, then I decided to fall in love and have a baby. To bad that doesn’t make money.