Merry Christmas

Christmas was finally around the corner my favorite holiday and this would be Nathaniel’s first Christmas so of course it was extra special, he had to have all the firsts, like he was going to remember it right everyone remembers there very first Christmas. So I had decorated the whole house in Christmas lights and garland, Christmas seat covers, window clings on every window and whatever else I could find. We went and saw the Christmas trail of lights that they have every year and of course saw Santa Claus and Nathaniel cried and just reached his arms out for me, got a picture of that. We went to the mall the following week and he seemed to like Santa Claus better there, I took all three kids to whatever Christmas thing that was going on.

We would be having Christmas dinner at my parents house, but I had made some pies and of course we made Christmas cookies that the little ones really helped with cutting out the designs and sprinkling toppings they were so excited, the girls were now 1,2 years old and Nathaniel was 8 months, he was crawling and pulling himself up onto things he loved to crawl under the bed and hide and I would come looking for him and he would poke his head out from under the bed and have this huge smile on his face so big you could see both of his dimples which he got from me , I just thought he was the cutest thing in the world big smile, dimples, blue eyes, blonde hair, he was going to be a heart breaker for sure.