Christmas Day

The little ones were so excited Christmas morning, standing around the tree checking out all of the presents. I was making a big breakfast that they probably would not even eat, but I was hungry and breakfast was my favorite meal and food. Nathaniel was 8 months now and crawling all over , the two girls had just turned 1 and 2, So we sat down to eat breakfast of course that was a disaster I was trying to get them to eat something before opening presents because then I know they are not gonna wanna eat. So we sat down and opened presents with Nathaniel in my lap so he wasn’t crawling all over, after opening presents they had there stockings that I had sewed their name onto, I love sentimental stuff. Next we where going to my boyfriends mothers house so the kids Grandma they loved her and she spoiled them, they had some presents to open there.

Then we would be going to my Parents house for the reminder of the day, of course lots of family will be there and the kids will have more presents to open, yes they were spoiled rotten. I would also have gifts to open as well as my boyfriend, my mom always went crazy at Christmas everyone would get something, she loved shopping and Christmas was perfect excuse, I love Christmas just as much and just love giving, just like my mother.


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