I Ran Away

  Yup so I ran away, well at that time I thought it was the sensible solution to my problem, no parents which means I can be with whoever I please, and no one to tell me I was wrong.

Before I had ran away though, we had decided to try to have a baby.  He had told me that one night his  (babies momma)  somehow raped him one night and gotten pregnant and she was having another girl , so of course we had to try for a boy that just makes perfect sense right. 

So I called my boyfriend to come pick me up and he did and took me straight to his house were he stayed with his mother, so once I got there he brought me to his room that he apparently shared because there was female undergarments hanging on the door , perfume, makeup ect. everywhere, Anyway I gave him this look like really she also just happens to share a bed with you as well. 

He was already starting to answering my question’s before I even asked them, he cliamed he slept on the couch, and she slept on the bed, and then he started to break down, he said I am married, but we are getting divorced and then he left with me sitting there in his room while he had went to pick up his wife from work.


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