Going home

This I felt was the biggest decision of my life at that time, I had to decide to go back to my parents house or continue to stay at the hotel with my boyfriend while he went to school.

 I was almost 3 months pregnant at that time and still had not seen the doctor due to the fact that I hadn’t actually settled down anywhere and I had no vehicle, so we had finally made it to Copperas Cove, Tx We were both trying to figure out what we’re going to do he had to go home to his wife and kids and I didn’t have very many options it was back home or back to my boyfriends project car that he had covered with a tarp and under the parking garage in his front yard. 

So I had to swallow my pride and call my dad of course they were excited to hear from me and came immediately to pick me up as I waited in front of the National bank with just one street light lit we got something to eat shortly after.

 They had dozens of questions of course and I was very short and to the point, not trying to get into it with my family the first night I was back, I was just thankful that they let me come back.


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