Mother In Law

 So this is how I met the future Mother in law, I was just sitting there on his bed watching tv waiting for my boyfriend to tell me he was on the way back with his wife and kids so I could jump out the window of his room, I know insane right.

 Then I heard someone come in the front door and it didn’t sound like my boyfriend and I didn’t hear any little footsteps or other voices, for awhile it was silent and then the phone rang, and I recognized the voice immediately and I was stunned for a second how did he even get this number, it was my Father already sending out a search party hadn’t even been a few hours, but where did he get her phone number oh my gosh the freaking phone bill.

 So of course he let her know I had gone missing for a few hours so you know in case I show up in some random place she knows just who to call and I was thinking aww gee dad thanks for that you know thanks a lot, anyway then it got again for a minute, then someone started to try to turn the door knob, Oh but he locked it. 

Thank God, I was relieved but then I heard keys I sat there frozen in fear as I heard my future mother in law trying different keys until she found the correct one I didn’t even move l guess at the time I was thinking maybe if I sit still enough she wont see me and then another part of me was thinking why don’t get and move you idiot and hide your just going to sit there while she is opening the door and I did I just sat there as she finally started turning the doorknob and slowly opening the door. 

She looked up at me with big eyes ( like what in the world as my son done) and we just stared at each other in complete silence, me being afraid to even move and she not believing what she was seeing.


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