The Wedding Day

Today was the day, this was it. My anxiety was thu the roof was I doing the right thing, did I really want to be with this man for the rest of my life, yes, yes did! Or so I thought.

Me and my family except for my stubborn soon to be husband who felt like he didn’t need to be there as well as any of the previous obligations having anything to do with the wedding, anyway so we had went up the previous night to put up all the decorations up so all that we had to worry about was getting dressed and being on time mainly meant for me yes I am the one that is always running behind doesn’t matter what I do however Mainly cuz my mom was taking me I was not going to be late, quite the opposite actually there would be plenty of time to stand around rethinking about what I am about to do, lol.

The Music began with my future mother in law walking down aisle with my future husband proceeded by my sisters&brothers and then my son and step daughters then off course me with my dad escorting me and my mom the matron of honor holding my train.

The Pastor begin to speak and then we did the rangs and lit the candles, we kissed and then everything after that was rainbows and butterflies, lol.


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