Moving in together

The next day I went over to his house and helped with his daughters and they got to meet Nathaniel and of course at their age they loved him, his oldest was nearly 2 now and the youngest about 6 months while Nathaniel was 3 months. Nathaniel and his youngest daughter looked so much alike almost as if they were twins, they were nearly 3 months apart and about the same size, Nathaniel was a little bigger and much heavier but he was healthy.

We started looking for a place and found 2 bedroom apartment just big enough for all of us, Nathaniel shared a room with us and his daughters shared a room. His youngest daughter was a little behind on her milestones for her age so I offered to help her of course it was a little more difficult than I originally thought, I mean how hard is it to feed a baby you just put the spoon to there mouth and they open it right, well what if they don’t open there mouth.

So for the next two weeks I sat patiently with her and tried everything I could think of and eventually she started taking little bites and I was overjoyed, that all my patience had paid off.

Then one night he received a phone call the girls mom.


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