One big happy extended family!

So we had moved into a two bedroom apartment in the next town over. So I was now taking care of three babies not one. His oldest daughter was a little over one years old and his other daughter was now around 8 months and our son was just about 6 months old.

I was exhausted to say the least I was working still my split shift so I didn’t get off until nine o’clock at night. Then I would help bathe all 3 babies and get them to sleep then finally shower and go to bed, and do it all again the next day. There Grandmother (his mother) would sometimes watch his daughters on my days off and then I would just have Nathaniel, at that time his mother was not too excepting of Nathaniel due to situation.

Then one night he received a phone call from his ex the girls mother apparently her and the guy she had moved in with hadn’t worked out and he had kicked her out she called him crying expecting him to come get her and bring her where here, he simply said what do you expect me to do you left your daughters and moved in with some dude and I haven’t heard from you since, and she said ok and hung up.