So Valentine’s Day was around the corner, another reason to spoil everyone you love. I love buying gifts and giving gifts, never really wanted much I like things that have some kind of sentimental meaning I don’t want expensive jewelry or clothes I have never been a material person I like just having what I need and occasionally something nice is fine but I love shopping for gifts and seeing the person’s face when they open especially if it’s something they have really been wanting just seeing there face light up like a Christmas tree is enough for me. Anyway so of course I got the kiddos some ridiculous huge stuff animal they couldn’t really eat candy yet so that was the only thing I thought they would be ridiculously excited about at there age.

Nathaniel was about to be 11 months old still trying to pull himself up on things and walk had taken a couple steps but that was it so far, he was drinking with a sippy cup most of the time, trying to get rid of that bottle and started cutting some teeth poor baby his poor gums were hurting so bad, he has been pretty fussy been going back and forth with the baby numbing tablets they seem to work best for him just a couple under his tongue and they would dissolve instantly and they would numb his whole mouth and then he would usually crash afterwards he was tired baby. The two girls where now 3 and 1 years old, I loved them as if they were my own.

Love for Me, means you don’t Love someone based on conditions, you are you and I am me, no two people are alike so no one is going to always completely agree with what you have to say that is just the way things are nor can you control someone’s thoughts or feelings and niether should you try because they cannot be they truly are and everyone has a purpose, and someone can not really fulfill there purpose in life if they are not allowed to be who they really are. When you Love someone Love them unconditionally.


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