So Thanksgiving was over and it was getting colder the kids were all getting the sniffles, my dad was the kind that was always running us to the ER but I knew if they didn’t have a fever that wasn’t being brought down by Tylenol or Motrin unless it was for more than a few days they would just send us back home so I better off waiting and scheduling a doctor’s appt with there primary plus waiting in the ER with a sick baby was never fun for either of us.

So I scheduled Nathaniel a doctor’s appointment, the girl’s mom took care of there doctors appointments , for the most part she took care of them during the day unless she worked in the morning which was rare, there Grandma would watch them when she went to work and then there dad would pick them up after the oldest was now 2 and the youngest one 1 both of there birthdays were in December the youngest daughter was 3 months older than Nathaniel he was born in March.

He was a big boy for his age , a little chunky, was crawling and starting to try to pull himself up on the sofa he would get so excited bouncing himself as he was holding onto the couch.