Is it a boy or a girl

 Finally the fun stuff well when it comes to a baby that is, the baby shower, picking out the clothes, decorating the room, finding out if it is a boy or girl, boy Please! Anyway I had moved into my new home temporarily that is. I was having my 6 month ultrasound pretty soon so I would find out the sex for sure, my mom was taking me she was so excited to still be able to take me to my appointments even though I was no longer living with her.

The morning of my appt. my mom picked me up, it only took a moment for the doctor to announce it is a boy he wasn’t hiding it, I was so excited, his dad did get to be there for that appt but had to leave right after because he had taken his lunch break during that time just so he could be at the ultrasound appt the only appt he got to be at. 

Anyway so now I could actually start planning for a boy everything boy, blue, sports themed, of course he was going to play sports mainly football at least if my dad had any say in it , he had coached every sport my brothers played growing up which was pretty much every sport expect maybe basketball and he continued even after my brothers were grown and of course his dad planned on spoiling him being his first boy so he says, Its true though Daddies girls, mommies boys, I was the one that ended up doing the spoiling. 

A lady from the church had planned the baby shower and invited everyone from the church my parents had attended and anyone else she wanted and of course that I wanted it was huge I pretty much got everything a newborn baby would need, I was so Thankful. 

Now for the decorating we were able to find a used dresser at a garage sell for only $10 and then a crib that someone was throwing out and I was going to use my own bassinet that my mom had kept from when I was a baby I just got the bedding dry cleaned and got some sheets for it, did not know they made sheets that small. We painted the dresser and crib white and the lady that I was staying with stenciled the sports theme on to the headboard of the crib to match his bedding, it was adorable.


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