Back into routine

So the holidays are over, things are getting semi back to normal kids are still out of school, but parents go back to work. Of course my three little ones were not in school just yet so things were pretty much back to normal for us, I was still working at the telemarketing agency, things were going ok at this point with my boyfriend my son’s father.

The divorce between my son dad and his wife were still on going there is so much he said, she said crap going on she claims abuse and he claims she abandoned her kids, niether one of them has proof, how about you guys think about the kids and what’s for them, not y’all.

Nathaniel was still going to his Grandpas house whenever I worked, and the girls were going to their Grandma’s or their mom’s house. Nathaniel was still trying to pull himself up on things and crawling all over always had a big smile on his face always such a happy baby.


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