Nathaniel’s First Halloween

So now we are living together as a family, the girl’s mom is helping and I am still working at the telemarketing company. The holidays were coming up , I was so excited I love the holidays well mainly Halloween and Christmas and maybe Easter the others are kinda boring, and this year I had my son as well as two other little people to celebrate with and had my own place so I was going to put decorations everywhere and of course the little ones were going to wear costumes. My son was a black cat and of course his daughters were princesses it was fun having little girls to dress up. Of course I did want a little girl of my own eventually, one boy and one girl that is what I would always tell my mom that’s it. For now though 3 was enough I would wait until Nathaniel was much older. So I decorated the entire house almost making it a haunted house putting black trash bags cut down the middle in the doorways like a entrance, decorated the windows with the window clings, and put cobwebs with spiders all over the house, we didn’t celebrate Halloween when we were growing up we started going trick or treating when we were teenagers but we could only go as bible characters so I was really having fun. We took them trick or treating on Halloween and of course they got loads of candy that really only one of them could eat his oldest daughter she was almost 2 years old, both of his daughters were born in December I would hate for my birthday to be in December only getting gifts once a year, anyway so we went through the candy of course, they all fall asleep on the way home exhausted from being carried and pulled in a wagon, lol.


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