The day had come….

The day had come, my boyfriend’s wife had finally decided she was leaving him, I guess he thought he could fool the both of us forever, he called me crying in the middle of the night letting me know she had left and had also left the kids to move in with another dude.

I wasn’t surprised I mean about her leaving him I would have to, how ironic huh, but I was a little surprised about her leaving the two little ones, I couldn’t even think of leaving my baby for anything, but who knows maybe she thought she was doing what was best for them at the time.

I wouldn’t even let Nathaniel’s dad walk out of the house with him, in fear he would never return with him, I can’t even think of emotion that I would even begin to feel if that happened, so this now meant we could actually live together and be together, I did wish however that it was not under these circumstances.

The road ahead was definitely not how I imagined things would be.

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